Note #1 from Professor Choujiu:

A BIG WELCOME! Thrill seekers, inquisitive little brats, budding scientists, Professor Choujiu's emulators.....Whoever you are! Ahem, consider yourselves fortunate to be able to chance upon this gem of a blog, created by my brilliant first-year students of the Choujiulogy department: Chou Yun, Grace, and Sze Han! Expect to find a chunk of research on yeast fermentation and its relations to chemistry-that wonderful subject....Oh, and yes...a absolutely bloomin' experiment you can check out to make D.I.Y. Glutinous Rice Wine (Choujiu), and of course, evaluation on their experiment, and lots more!

Chou Yun, Grace, Sze Han:
Hello everybody, and welcome to the blog of our Chemistry SIA project on Rice Beer/ Rice Wine/ Choujiu (whatever you call it)! Before you begin clicking on the other posts on our blog, do read the introduction to our project (which is below) to get an idea of what our project is about! Happy exploring! We sincerely hope your trip here will be fruitful and enjoyable!

Introduction of Rice Wine Experiment:

Reasons for Rice Wine Experiment:
After brainstorming for a period of time, we decided to conduct an experiment on the effect of the presence of light on the rate of fermentation of rice wine. This is due to our insatiable curiousity of the factors affecting yeast fermentation in rice wine. It is known that some of the factors include the suitable temperatures that yeast can best grown in, absence of oxygen, type of rice, and amount of water. Traditionally, it is common knowledge that yeast is best to be put in a dark corner for fermentation, however, there is little proof to it as it is only hearsay. Hence, in order to know if the presence or absence of light affects the rate of fermentation in rice wine, and hopefully share our findings with others, we decided to carry out this experiment.


The rate of fermentation increases in the absence of light.